Thursday, August 19, 2010

7he Myriads - ~Album

The second day of listening to a charming album of all your favorite 7he Myriads. What to say: nine great-otmasterennyh tracks, combines the depth and groove from different eras, be it classical Dreamy disco, percussive house-classic, or Italo-euphoria 80.
As they said their own children: "We rented space adventure saga with romantic themes. This is not a Hollywood blockbuster, but it looks the same breath, though without special effects are not managed.
Best '∞' sounds at night under the open starry sky. It is now a pending listen to albums in full, but we're romantics and we hope that you will find an hour or so, opt-out of Facebook, will choose to water, hit play, smoke, and smile sunset".
It must be confessed, their album '∞' - an exclusive listen to when your feet are under balearik yourself go into a dance! And add that to this very music, and started my love of good disco. Tool, juicy and extremely sexual. Great debut!
I recommend to all!

7he Myriads - Spacer

7he Myriads - Number One

7he Myriads - Full Album

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