Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DROP-D present WE COME IN PIECES single Launch

Our next live broadcast is for the lovely gentle folk over at the massive DROP-D.ie who are hosting the the single launch for WE COME IN PIECES... broadcast start at 9pm wednesday all over the web including right here, on Drop-D's homepage, all over facebook & twitter too...

Limerick's finest and hardest-working math-punk trio We Come in Pieces are blazing a trail around Ireland before the release of their upcoming single "Sexy Rouge"!

As part of fund-raising for their upcoming album's release, as well as Irish, UK and US tours in 2012, Drop-d.ie is putting the lads on for a special gig in An Realt Dearg, Barrack Street on the 14th of December, with weirdo pop troupe Saint Yorda in tow.

Times are tough and around Christmastime sees everyone's pockets stretched, so we've declined to charge a set fee in, but as it's a fundraiser, you can pay what you want in (and every little helps) and all proceeds go to the WCIP tour fund!



WCIP are Shane Harrington (Guitar), Kieran Hayes (Vocals/Drums) and Kieran Sims (Bass/Vocals). They play loud music and have beards.

Formed in January 2010, they started gigging three days after their first practice, recorded their debut album three weeks later and took to every corner of the country to hone their energetic, high flying live show. They have played with the likes of Frank Turner, Tubelord, Throats, Maybeshewill and many other bands that they like to associate themselves with.

‘Before The Chains’ is a 32 minute long album that was produced for €600. The album deals with major sociological issues such as Die Hard, the shark from Jaws, blood and the effects of gangland crime on a modern urban landscape. It was released in late 2010 to absolutely no acclaim, by no record label, to a very limited amount of friends and family who pretend to care.


Minimal pop-surf-reverb doings from Cork City. Recent gigs with Alright the Captain, Narwhals and more have backed up a superb EP, "Some Songs We Did With Cathal" released on Bandcamp to cult acclaim in Cork and online.