Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting Off! - The Seductive Sounds of 70's Adult Cinema wrote: The Seductive Sounds of 70s Adult Cinema is another porno music compilation - but with a difference; the emphasis is definitely on creating an atmosphere by using the music, with almost no dialogue/moaning/groaning as is the usual deal with porno music comps.

On closer inspection, Getting Off: The Seductive Sounds of 70s Adult Cinema is actually a compilation of genuine (licensed) 70s library music mixed with some music (lifted from DVD) from actual 70s and early 80s porno movies (hey - we did our research, so you don't have to!), with the library music here having every chance of actually being used in adult movies back in the day.

01. L. Hurdle & F. Ricotti - Move On
02. Anton Scott - J.P. Walk (Boogie Nights)
03. Alan Tew - Gentle In The Night
04. Ray Davies - Power Play
05. Unknown - Nude interlude #1 (Kinky Ladies of Bourbon Street)
06. Alan Hawkshaw - Hawkind and fire
07. Brian Bennett - Disco Fever
08. Roger Webb & Keith Grant - The Bends
09. Alan Tew - The Heist
10. Unknown - Nude interlude #2 (Downstairs, Upstairs)
11. Unknown - Carl's cabana (Inside Seka)
12. Unknown - Fernando's blues (Come Under My Spell)
13. Unknown - Nude interlude #3 (Do You Wanna Be Loved?)
14. Unknown - Bang 'em hard (Inside Seka)

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